Amadeus Grosz is an outstanding musician.
Once upon a time in the East..." almost by accident I stumbled across a cassette of music in the former East-Germany. It was handed to me by a colleague who had been given it by a friend...and there it was. Quite distinctive. On this scratchy, much-copied, battered old cassette, hiding behind the tape hiss, was a great talent bursting to get out. By the first few bars, the creativity of this young East-German composer was as obvious as the questionable sound quality. I found it really moving. The music has done the same for many to whom I  subsequently played it, and so it came, eventually, to the album "Silent Memories". Many of the pieces started life as songs, and some like "Free Again" still are. We had to settle on a short-list which was difficult considering a total repertoire of over 100 pieces!"
Producer Colin Pearson – who has worldwide huge success as musical producer for Alphaville`s hits “Forever Young”, “Big In Japan” and others - sets the tone for the first release of the newly formed SERENITY label a new label dedicated to music theraputical themes. The label launch of the first CD/MC release "Silent Memories" by AMADEUS GROSZ marks the first in a series of releases planned around the remarkable creative talents of this artist and the results achieved in working with hyper-active children and the symptoms of stress.

Amadeus Grosz was born on the 25th October 1967 and began to play the piano at the age of 5. He progressed to an 11 year musical education at the ´Specialschule für Musik "Hans Eisler"´ in Berlin during which time he won several national and international music prizes. During 1986-1992 he completed studies at the Hochschule für Musik, Berlin; 4 years classical training and a year in dance and entertainment. His main area of interest is the fusion of classical and contemporary musical treatment which has resulted since 1988 in the composition and arrangement of an ernormous repertoire of material. "For all his likeable modesty he is a decicated artist who has utterly mastered his craft. Almost paradoxically (because the music never gives that impression) he works at an incredible speed, continually striving to find the perfect mix between classic and contemporary music. For me, this album taps on the door of one´s memories, opening and setting free the flood of the past. Those silent and invisible memories become real again, and tangible."   
Colin Pearson